Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Plugging myself 

If you are a political junkie and a denizen of the Internet and the blogosphere you probably think - with some justification - that politics can get pretty dirty, rough and dangerous. Spin and counter-spin, pundit against pundit, flame wars and moonbats; it's not pretty out there - but it's all in the open. Having been for over ten years involved in politics behind the scenes - in the kitchen, so to speak - I can tell you from experience: it's even dirtier, rougher and more dangerous, particularly when you sometimes fight your own.

So in case you're interested, here's a little plug for something that a good mate of mine and myself have written a few months ago, trying to put down in the form of ten commandments some basic lessons we've learned during our involvement in party politics; lessons we wanted to pass on to the next generation of young and enthusiastic activists (link in PDF). Just remember that in Australia the Liberals are the good guys - everything else, I think, remains as true in Brisbane, as it is in Boston or Bristol or Berlin.


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