Saturday, October 30, 2004

Saturday hyperbole alert 

Some evidence that medication can wear off too quickly. Ewen MacAskill of the "Guardian" analyses the impact of the new bin Laden tape and manages to get a fair way into his piece making reasonable and non-controversial points, before fianlly losing plot:
"On his own terms, Bin Laden has been a success... In Saudi Arabia, he has partly achieved his original goal by forcing most of the US soldiers to leave..."
Does that mean that if there is some sort of a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the terrorists would have won?

And finally this: "Nor has Bin Laden been capable so far of mounting further attacks in the US since September 11. But his video last night could prove almost as damaging." What, more damaging than killing 3,000 people and causing more than $2 trillion damage? Time for another pill.


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