Sunday, October 17, 2004

This is very cute 

There's a new anti-Kerry ad in the works - and for once it made me laugh.

Powerline reports: "[The ad] was created for the Club for Growth by members of the 'Hollywood Underground.' It was directed, I think, by David Zucker, who directed Naked Gun and Airplane. It highlights Kerry's flip-flops in an entertaining way, with much higher production values than most campaign ads. Check it out. The ad is said to be a 'draft,' but we're told it will hit the airwaves next week."

The actual ad is located here (it's the one on the top of the page).

Mrs Chrenkoff always looks funny at me when I laugh my head off at Zucker's cinematic output. Small things amuse small minds, she says, scornful of the rude slapstick humor practiced by Zucker. If he really is the man behind the ad, I've now gained additional respect for him.


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