Thursday, October 07, 2004

Transatlantic Intelligencer 

John Rosenthal, who writes on international affairs, for the "Policy Review" among others, recently decided to join the blogosphere and has just started up Transatlantic Intelligencer, whose principal purpose will be "to 'overcome the language gap' - or at least some of the language gaps - preventing Americans (and other 'Anglo-Saxons', as the French media, tellingly employing a racial category, tend to describe British, Australians, Americans, etc.) from forming an accurate assessment of European political realities."

To get the ball rolling, John has a long and excellent post - an article really - titled "The Legend of the Squandered Sympathy", which demolishes one of the stock standard Democrat attack points against the President, namely that by "going unilateral" into Iraq, Bush has squandered all the moral capital and international support America enjoyed in the immediate aftermath of S11. As John shows, if this was sympathy, I would like to see what malice is like.

Check out John's blog, it's a worthwhile addition to the blogosphere.


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