Sunday, November 28, 2004

Around the world in 44 blogs 

What have friends of Chrenk been up to this week?

In Australia, Tim Blair blogs about a topic close to his heart - supercars - and young drivers.

Sophie Masson at Troppo Armadillo blogs about the "bran theory of literature" - critics trying to force boring books down readers' throats.

Jellis blogs about DNA testing: who's your daddy?

The House of Wheels ponders on the double standard in reporting the UN and American misbehaviour.

Fabian's Hammer rounds up the activities of Maoist parties and insurgents around the world - yep, they're still around!

Attila the Pun looks at the future leadership options of Australian Labor Party - and is not impressed.

In the United States, Instapundit: bad economic news? Like what?

Powerline has an interesting first-hand reader's look at corruption in Ukraine.

Greg Djerejian blogs about the emergence of a Shia Triangle in Iraq.

Belmont Club asks: could Rwanda have been prevented?

Blackfive asks you to vote Pat Tillman for sportsman of the year.

Dean Esmay thanks Tony.

Michelle Malkin notes what the blogosphere is thankful for.

Captain Ed writes that the era of cheap Chinese labor is coming to an end.

Chrenkoff has good news Mondays, and Winds of Change have good news Saturdays - where readers can drop in and share their own good news.

Joe Gandelman comments on some sensible advice by moderate Democrats.

MuD & PHuD blogs about the importance and impact of the current divisions in America. So does A Physicist's Perspective.

Brain Shavings asks whether Kim Jong Il is Ill.

Foolsblog thinks it's time to end the practice of embedding reporters. HoodaThunk? has more thoughts on should have happened with "that" video.

Democracy Project is not discouraged by numerous recent news stories about academic leftist bias and notes some positive developments at universities.

One bit of cheating today (non-blog) - Daveed Gartenstein-Ross takes a closer look at the long-term strategic significance of bin Laden's October 29 videotape, particularly his new strategy of appealing to accommodationist factions in the West.

AntiMedia asks: is this the "community of nations"?

Stones Cry Out has a very extensive posting on what went wrong with exit polls.

On Booker Rising: a black conservative or a sell-out - and is there a difference?

Bad Hair Blog looks at the vote count in Puerto Rico.

Solomonia writes about "The International Jew", now available from a moderate Islamic website near you.

Fringe reviews "National Treasure" - a treasure it ain't.

Dummocrats ask: do "Desperate Housewives" and voting for Bush mix?

Lots of interesting stuff at the Diplomad, including their view of the UN corruption.

Considerettes offer a "Muscovite man in the street" view of the Ukrainian election.

In Europe, Barcepundit deciphers the meaning behind the Crawford ranch meeting between President Bush and the Spanish king.

Blithering Bunny discovers that the Manchurian Director Jonathan Demme is a conspiracy nut.

The Kommentariat watches the Brits queuing up for US visas and being slapped on the face by US lawmakers.

Attempting Escape
looks at the reactions to the UK's hunting ban.

From the Czech Republic, Tomas Kohl argues against Vaclav Havel for the next UN Gen Sec.

In Asia, Simon World has the latest Asia by Blog.

In the Middle East, Iraq the Model have registered their political party - a must read.

Greyhawk in Iraq blogs about Kevin Sites and Fallujah.

In Africa, Ethiopundit is blogging about the attempts by Ethiopian-Americans to foster democracy and human rights back home.

This week's new kid on the blog is Slowplay, a group blog offering of plenty of political and sports commentary - from the right perspective.

And don't forget to check out the growing stable of bloggers at Homespun Bloggers.


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