Saturday, November 06, 2004

Around the world in 48 blogs 

Happy post-election. What have you all been blogging about?

In Australia, Tim Blair presents the "sorry ones."

The Currency Lad is joyous about the American result.

Gnu Hunter is hanging up his rifle. He will be missed.

The House of Wheels fisks John Edwards's concession speech.

Fabian's Hammer blogs about the growing anti-Semitism within the Australian Labor Party.

In the United States, Deacon at Powerline writes on what it's like being red in Washington DC.

Michelle Malkin on the death of the "high turnout benefits the Dems" myth.

Roger Simon writes on how the media's obsession with the "moral vision" thing has disenfranchised him as a Bush voter.

Armed Liberal at Winds of Change hopes for a Democrat reformation.

Andrew Sullivan's reader demolishes "Bush won because he was anti-gay" argument.

Greg Djereijan visits Kos and finds out the left still doesn't get it.

The Belmont Club ponders the fate of Yasser Arafat.

The Captain writes that the Dems have gripped the coasts and lost everything in between.

Blackfive: all the leftie celebrities always promise to migrate if the Republicans win - promises, promises...

Dean Esmay thinks the media is pushing Bush rightward.

Dan Drezner ponders what's next for the American foreign policy.

INDC Journal demolishes the "worst job losses since Hoover" myth.

La Shawn Barber celebrates her first blogiversary.

Tom Heard is keeping to his promise that he wouldn't gloat, but he wishes the other side wouldn't whinge so much.

BBC asked Americans to explain why they voted for Bush - Baldilocks responded.

D J Drummond at Polipundit writes, yes, we have a mandate.

Dan Wismar was a GOP poll observer in Ohio - here's his story.

A scientist wanted to scan Patterico's Republican brain.

Brainshavings has a plan for the next four years.

Bunker Mulligan blogs about the press and the President.

Fausta at Bad Hair Blog has thoughts on one big happy multilateral family.

CenterFued - another single-issue voter.

MuD & PHuD
: "To my liberal friends who say they feel 'disconnected' from the country, you probably are."

Peter Schramm at No Left Turns compares the 2000 and 2004 numbers.

Clayton Cramer
advises the Democrats on how not to lose in the future.

Joe Gandelman
is rounding-up the Dem reactions to the defeat.

The Diplomad writes on the reactions inside the State Department to the Bush victory.

Don't miss Chester, a former Marine officer who took part in liberation of Iraq, who is now keeping an eye on all the developments in Fallujah.

Solomon knows why John Kerry was so keen to drag Mary Cheney into the campaign.

Pacetown finds the lessons of the 2004 election in anagrams.

Libercontrarian writes about his hero, the unknown soldier.

In The Bullpen watches the angry left completely lose perspective on events.

Reasonable Force has some faith-based agenda for the second Bush term.

In Europe, Pieter at Peaktalk writes about the death of multicultural Holland: Al Zarqawi on clogs (part one and two).

John Rosenthal at the Transatlantic Intelligencer has republished his famous essay on the myth of the squandered sympathy (interesting in light of the ups and downs of American-European relations), and has got another interesting one about the foreign media interference in the US election.

Ne Pasaran: "Divorce from France? No kidding. Do you know where her mouth has been?"

In Asia, Simon World rounds-up the best of Asian-based blogs.

In the Middle East, Iraq the Model translates some Arab reactions to Bush's victory.

And Mudville Gazette rounds-up Iraqi blog reactions.

Isreallycool keeps an eye on Arafat's body.

Athena at Terrorism Unveiled blogs from Jordan: "These people are of the 19-22 age range and come from affluent families. They drive BMW’s, their parents have advanced degrees from the States or Europe. They dress like Americans, talk like Americans and many want to visit or live in America for at least a while. Many would love to study in America. They speak of the freedom of America. They love to meet Americans and say that they love Americans. And they love Osama bin Ladin."

Last but not least - Homespun Bloggers - have a "moral vision" and join in. Have an immoral vision and join in, too.


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