Saturday, November 20, 2004

Around the world in 54 blogs 

Join me on a trip - and if you have suggestions for future stops, just send me an email.

In Australia, Tim Blair fisks Fisk.

Sophie Masson at Troppo Armadillo blogs about Ivory Coast and the French policy towards its ex-colonies.

Jellis looks at the never-ending bias at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Leigh at the House of Wheels watches Bill Clinton rewriting his legacy.

Fabian's Hammer notes that the specter of unhappy, organised massed is haunting the Chinese Communist Party.

The Swanker is one moderate pissed off with a vocal anti-war crowd.

Mike Jericho at A Western Heart thinks that Europe is finally waking up to the threat of militant Islam.

Vox Felisi asks - Chirac: racist or merely patronising?

In the United States, Powerline has a message from Baghdad about the death of an insurgent: "good riddance."

Dean Esmay blogs about annoying Canadians.

Blackfive writes about last letters home.

INDC Journal on those Iranians and those nukes.

Captain's Quarters hopes that under the new director the CIA might finally start to spy.

Greg Djerejian reflects on the new Secretary of State.

Roger Simon blogs about the van Gogh murder: all about women?

Belmont Club - well, where do we start? What the Islamists have learned from the battle of Grozny? Thoughts on urban warfare? Or the clash of visions: Chirac vs Wolfowitz?

Lots of good stuff at Winds of Change too: the new Hate Watch, as well as reflections on the possibility of America-Europe new cold war.

Polipundit on John Kerry - Karl Rove's secret agent.

Andrew Sullivan is depressed that Bush gets so little credit for promoting Condi.

Oxblog wants your help on behalf of arrested Iranian bloggers.

Brain Shavings wonders where have all the "really important media stories" gone since November 2. Good question.

MuD & PHuD blogs about the Middle Eastern double standards.

Thebastige writes about the return of the Afghan diaspora.

John Rosenthal at Transatlantic Intelligencer writes about the UN failure in Kosovo (remember Kosovo?).

Libercontrarian sees the deers gone wild in Illinois and the authorities endangering residents. But Kim du Toit finds one good thing the Illinois legislators have done.

Fausta at the Bad Hair Blog continues to pursue the mystery of the French hostages in Iraq.

The Moderate Voice takes on PETA.

Pejman gives advice to the Dems about becoming competitive on national security issues.

Bunker Mulligan writes about our never-ending problems with the UN.

The Diplomad has some good advice for Condi Rice.

At Milnet, Dr. Joseph Ghougassian, Advisor to the Iraqi Ministry of Education and former U.S. Ambassador to Qatar writes about Fallujah as the mirror of Saddam's heart and mind, and Stan Coerr, Lieutenant Colonel in the Marine Corps Reserve and a SuperCobra attack helicopter pilot doesn't think he was fighting the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Logic Times looks at the lives lost and lives saved as a result of the liberation of Iraq.

In a similar vein, the Warrior Scholar looks at the Iraqi casualties and sees some dodgy logic.

American Future looks at the problem of deterring terrorism.

Geo-Political Review writes about institutionalising anti-Israeli policies throughout Europe.

Brett Rodgers blogs about the Monday Night Football controversy - with every stupid programming decision networks make they're merely pushing us to explore many other sources of entertainment.

Democracy Project looks at how the liberal cartoonists portray "inauthentic" blacks.

Gleeful Extremist
blogs about dishonesty of educational rankings.

Daniel W Casey publishes another memo from the new CIA director.

HoodaThunk? asks if electronic voting can actually work.

In Canada, The Transplanted Texan looks at Michael Moore's shocking endorsement record.

In Europe, No Pasaran takes on Chirac.

Blithering Bunny sees the EU as a Third World power - at least accounting-wise.

Pieter at Peak Talk blogs about the Dutch dissonance.

writes about the shameful display by the Spanish football fans.

In Asia, Simon World notes that the US needs to put more "good service" into its Foreign Service.

In the Middle East, Iraq the Model blasts Chirac.

Greyhawk at Mudville Gazette has some reflections on shooting wounded insurgents.

Israellycool watches a Middle Eastern leader transforming himself into a British comedy character.

Athena at Terrorism Unveiled watches the Arab media cover Fallujah.

And as always, don't forget Homespun Bloggers.


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