Saturday, November 13, 2004

Around the world in 58 blogs - definitely the biggest trip yet 

Before I get going with blogs -

OK, I'm cheating, since it's not a post but an article, but Daveed Gartenstein-Ross has an interesting look at the rise of anti-Western jihadi rap music - not gangsta, but a mudja rap? Number one with a bullet, as they say.

OK, I'm cheating, Part II - videoblogging from Vik Rubenfeld - "I am a liberal" - one of the most offensive (to liberals) and funniest pieces I've seen.

In Australia, Tim Blair on other Americans who say sorry.

Boils My Blood asks whether post-US and Australia elections there is any hope for the left.

The fourth mate of mine so far has decided to start blogging (although two seem to have run out of steam by now) - please welcome Jellis.

The House of Wheels photoblogs from a successful Protest Warrior counter-rally in Sydney.

Chris Berg appeals to the Americans - don't kill the filibuster.

Yobbo looks at the polling and wonders whether the Bush supporters might really be an unreality-based community.

In the United States, Powerline fisks Larry O'Donnell.

Dean Esmay
writes about a dirty little secret: most Arab leaders viewed Arafat with contempt.

Blackfive blogs about Fallujah (with links to his subsequent thoughts).

Polipundit gives you some numbers on redness.

Armed Liberal at Winds of Change argues with a libertarian about honoring the veterans.

Booker Rising, blog for black moderates and conservatives is celebrating six months in the 'sphere. Check them out.

IowaHawk: "Blue State Blues as Coastal Parents Battle Invasion of Dollywood Values" - as always, hilarious.

Captain's Quarters warns Bush not to listen to Brent Scowcroft.

Roger Simon
writes about three parts of California.

The Belgravia Dispatch
is blogging about the von Gogh murder.

Belmont Club sees the battle of Fallujah as part of the "river war" (and part two here).

INDC Journal points to a hilariously misspelled Kerry campaign button (in Hebrew).

Michelle Malkin
on the embarrassment that is Barbara Steisand.

Joe Gandelman
writes why the media's not buying the "stolen election" spin.

Solomonia notes a Freudian slip at the "New York Times."

Beautiful Atrocities has an exquisite profile of Suha Arafat.

Mark A Kilmer argues with Adrianna Huffington about who lost Kerry the election.

Weekend Pundit says the left is unminding itself.

I Love Jet Noise performs an autopsy on the Democrat campaign.

Geo-Political Review silences the alarm bells of the Arctic Global Warming Report.

Dan Wismar blogs on the "Arafat and AIDS" meme.

Catholics in the Public Square argues that the Democrats don't need to tell us more about the values.

Tom Heard breaks his promise not to gloat.

Considerettes watches the world eulogise Yasser Arafat and imagines if Osama was mourned like that.

On the Veterans Day, Eric Cowperthwaite has some thoughts for the latest soldier in his family.

Reasonable Force wonders if evangelical Christians should expect a payback from the second Bush Administration.

The View From MY Right defends a little gerrymandering.

Three Sheets to the Wind wonders what the hell is happening in Norway (in case you're missing my "All in the same EU-Boat" round-ups).

In the Bullpen wonders on the future of al Qaeda.

Brain Shavings writes about not crossing the Dutch.

Fausta at the Bad Hair Blog writes about Gov McGreevey's sorry legacy.

Fringe blogs about the influence of blogs (of course).

The Paragraph Farmer writes about Michael Moore's 17 reasons.

In Canada, Sobering Thoughts looks at Arafat's obituaries.

Canadian Comment opines that Madonna is retarded.

In Europe, Barcepundit writes that anti-Americanism is a game both sides of politics can play in Spain.

Tangled Web warns the US in Iraq: Don't repeat the lessons of Northern Ireland.

Tomas Kohl was so enthralled by the US election he almost forgot to vote in his.

In Asia, Simon World rounds up this week's links that matter.

A Guy in Pajamas celebrates Japan the ally.

Cranial Cavity writes about the spiraling cost of appeasement for the Philippines.

In the Middle East, Iraq the Model re-publishes an open letter from Iraqi people to President Bush.

In Iraq, Greyhawk writes: "Blessed are the Peace Makers. Not the peace lovers, we all love peace. The peace makers. The difference? One group makes history while the other makes noise."

Israellycool puts out the special Yasser Arafat death edition.

Zeyad at Healing Iraq is blogging about Iraq's civil war.

Please welcome this week's new kid on the blog, Spinbadz Own ("Public confessions and observations on sex, politics, any danged thang").

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