Tuesday, November 30, 2004

De-evolution at work: Chrenkoff now a "joyful primate" 

Not that these things should matter in the greater scheme of things, but great many thanks to my fellow bloggers who have blogrolled me and/or who keep linking to my current posts - according to the Truth Laid Bare Ecosystem, I'm now a "joyful primate." No, I haven't been elevated to lead the Catholic Church in Australia (boom, boom), but apparently I cracked the top 100 of the most linked to blogs in the world.

The Ecosystem is quite precarious, so I'm not expecting to stay there for too long, but I'm currently at number 98, and I believe, only one of three Australian blogs in the top 100 (the other two, Tim Blair and Belmont Club enjoy the status of "mortal humans", i.e. being in the world top 30).

Thank you once again to all of you who have made my 9-month (so far) blog odyssey so damned enjoyable. If you've linked to me in the past, I try to reciprocate, both through my blogroll and via my "Around the world in [insert the number] blogs" weekly features, but the numbers are getting so large as to be unmanageable, so - apologies if I haven't linked you either way - I'm not being rude, just swamped.


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