Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Fighting journalism 

Chris Reed, opinion editor of the "Orange County Register" (love the show, love the county) reports in the "American Spectator" on a speech delivered by Chris Hedges from the "New York Times" at a recent conference of the Association of Opinion Page Editors (Hedges himself is an international reporter and not an opinion writer, although he should probably consider a switch. I'm sure that with his views he would be welcomed with open arms by the "NYT" op-ed page). As Reed reports, in his address Hedges didn't hold back with his frustration at the current Administration's foreign policy:

" 'We're absolutely reviled around the world, as we should be,' Hedges said. 'Our only friends are war criminals' -- a reference, he explained, to Ariel Sharon and Vladimir Putin."
I'm so glad that Hedges explained that, because on the face of it, the formulation that "our only friends" would suggest he considers Great Britain's Tony Blair, Australia's John Howard, Italy's Silvio Berlusconi, Poland's Marek Belka, and numerous others, to be war criminals, too, which would put Hedges somewhere among the mainstream of the rabid left public opinion. Or else he doesn't consider the above mentioned leaders to be America's friends. Or he's employing a hysterical hyperbole that's so appropriate for a working journalist. No wonder the "New York Times" is such a respected news organ.

(hat tip: James Taranto's
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