Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Finishing the job 

For two very good and comprehensive reports about the mopping up operation in Fallujah see this (London) "Times" piece reprinted in today's "Australian" and this Fox (of course!) round-up.

Also, check out the
graffiti on an Euphrates bridge (hat tip: Blackfive, who also writes: "As for the Main Stream Media, I've also seen a lot of headlines focusing on the killed count for us - highlighting the cost, rather than the benefit of the assault on Fallujah." He lists some.)

Meanwhile, in another example of word inflation, Peterborough Muslim Organisation in the UK is calling on the stop to "genocide" of Iraqi civilians. Genocide is officially defined as committing acts with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a group of people. Non-combatants are unfortunately dying in Iraq because the insurgents have chosen to mix with the civilian population, in part as a tactic to drive up civilian casualties and therefore drive up the opposition to military action. These are accidental, though no less tragic for that, deaths - not a result of intentional policy to target Iraqi civilians. Jihadicide, yes; genocide, no.


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