Saturday, November 13, 2004

From the annals of hard-hitting journalism 

A question from the joint George Bush-Tony Blair press conference, directed to the President:
"The prime minister is sometimes, perhaps unfairly, characterized in Britain as your poodle. I was wondering if that's the way you may see your relationship? And perhaps, more seriously, do you feel for the..."
I'm not sure what amuses me more:

1) the qualifier "perhaps unfairly" - or perhaps not?

2) that no one actually expects the President will say, "You know what, Phil? I think that's a pretty good description. Tony's been very faithful and obliging and keeps me good company. His hair's not all curly like a normal poodle, though..."

3) that the media would only ask George Bush that question. I'm yet to see a press conference enlivened by this question: "Mr Chirac, your are sometimes, perhaps unfairly, described as duplicitous weasel and your people as cheese-eating surrender monkeys. I was wondering if that's the way you see yourself?" Or "Mr Secretary-General, the United Nations under your leadership has sometimes, perhaps unfairly, been seen as doing a much better job at covering the Oil for Food fraud than stopping genocide in Darfur. I was wondering if that's the way you too see your priorities?" Here's hoping.


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