Monday, November 15, 2004

Happy birthday, Iraq the Model! 

Happy 1st blog birthday to everyone's favorite Iraq blog, Iraq the Model.

Mohammed: "We have learned the meaning of being united together and we never felt alone in this; freedom lovers are everywhere... Together, you and us were, and will always be closer than brothers and sisters trying to stand against the powers of darkness and ignorance, doing our best to make our voice louder and louder and to make everyone see what our dream is."

Ali: "We have faith in ourselves, our people and the good people everywhere, and all we are doing is trying to share this faith and hope for a better future for Iraq and the world with the others. What good would it do us to complain and whine about how difficult life is? And why does anyone expect things to be perfect after such a drastic change as the one happened in Iraq, and when they’re not, they start to attack the people who made the change possible?"

Omar: "I believe that we’ve all learned so many things from each other and to some extent, we’ve succeeded in bridging even if a small fraction of the gap that separates our different cultures, at least in the way of thinking about solutions for our problems because we’re facing similar challenges and above all, we share a common goal; freedom for all mankind."

Mohammad, Ali and Omar, you're doing wonderful work and a great public service not just to Iraq but to all the people of good will around the world. Many more years of happy blogging!

By the way, don't forget to help
Iraqi Pro-Democracy Party, under which Mohammed and Ali are running as candidates in the January election.


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