Friday, November 26, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving Day 

Checking my visitor statistics this morning (Australian time), as I from time to time morbidly do (hey, even Instapundit, who now gets more visitors every two days or so than I got from the beginning of this blog, still does that too), I thought to myself - where has everyone gone?

Then I remembered - it's still the Thanksgiving Day in the Land of the Free - getting towards the evening now - and most of you had a day off work and were otherwise busy with families and friends. So you're forgiven. Come back tomorrow and in the meantime, belated happy Thanksgiving Day.

Most countries have an Independence Day or other some such holiday when they celebrate their nationhood, but for a non-American (though I hope a good friend of the American people) such as myself, it's refreshing to see, in addition to those more traditional patriotic celebrations, a day when the nation humbly gives thanks for its initial survival and the subsequent peace, freedom and prosperity.

So, happy Thanksgiving Day again, my friends. You have much to be thankful for, not the least the fact that in our modern age you still haven't lost the ability to be thankful.


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