Wednesday, November 03, 2004

How interesting... 

It looks like Ohio is this year's Florida. No offence to Ohio, but I preferred Florida.

Isn't it close? No landslide either way.

And isn't it polarised - doesn't look like too many - if any (Update: with exception of New Hampshire?) - states are changing hands, but it looks like the red states are getting redder and blue states are getting bluer (OK, that's a big generalisation, so don't hang me over it). John Edwards was right - there are increasingly two Americas, but it's nothing that can be fixed by either of the presidential candidates.

I wrote two days ago that it is one of those elections where the latent support for either the incumbent or the challenger might have been underestimated in the opinion polls. In truth, it looks like the broad support for Bush was underestimated, but judging by the turnout, it looks like there was lots of strong political feeling generated during the campaign for both the candidates.

Spent the last few hours with the American community in Brisbane at the Marriott hotel eating hot dogs and watching CNN. Now back home, and Channel Nine is re-transmitting the CBS election coverage with Dan Rather, which is rather annoying.

Update: The Dems are not conceding Ohio, but as I watch the count, with every next hundred precincts coming in, and another percentage point of votes counted, Bush keeps on maintaining his lead of just over a 100,000.


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