Tuesday, November 02, 2004

If I could vote in the US elections... 

... I would vote for George Bush - an election-stealing cokehead with a lay-about wife and alco daughters, whose running mate, a corrupt war profiteer, has a leso daughter he's ashamed of.

(according to respectively: Al Gore's daughter Karenna, Teresa Heinz Kerry's son Chris, Teresa herself (before a
retraction), the Deputy Chairman of the DNC Ben Johnson (the sound file here), the Kerry campaign, John Kerry himself, and John Edwards's wife Elizabeth)

Oh, and by the way, all of you who - unlike me can vote in the US elections - and will actually be voting for Bush,
have lost your minds and are retarded idiots.

(courtesy of respectively: John Edwards, the Tennessee Democratic Party, and Teresa Heinz Kerry)

And that's even before we get anywhere near the issues of policy.

Ain't the Democrats just a warm'n'fuzzy'n'tolerant bunch? As you say, Senator Kerry,
"America can do better".


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