Monday, November 29, 2004

Iranian aid 

Pretty sick stuff, don't you agree?

"The 300 men filling out forms in the offices of an Iranian aid group were offered three choices: Train for suicide attacks against U.S. troops in Iraq, for suicide attacks against Israelis or to assassinate British author Salman Rushdie.

"It looked at first glance like a gathering on the fringes of a society divided between moderates who want better relations with the world and hard-line Muslim militants hostile toward the United States and Israel.

"But the presence of two key figures — a prominent Iranian lawmaker and a member of the country's elite Revolutionary Guards — lent the meeting more legitimacy and was a clear indication of at least tacit support from some within Iran's government.

"Since that inaugural June meeting in a room decorated with photos of Israeli soldiers' funerals, the registration forms for volunteer suicide commandos have appeared on Tehran's streets and university campuses, with no sign Iran's government is trying to stop the shadowy movement."
In the immortal words of Mark Steyn, "The suicide bomber is a symbol of weakness, of a culture so comprehensively failed that what ought to be its greatest resource--its people--is instead as disposable as a firecracker."

I long for the day when 300 Iranians (or for that matter any other nationality) filling out forms in the offices of an aid group, will be merely applying for participation in training and education schemes to help them find good jobs and start own businesses. That might be the sign that the region finally "gets it."

(hat tip: Tanker Schreiber)


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