Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Name dropping 

Something light before the very serious day. This morning I got my first Iraqi-inspired Nigerian scam email:

"Dear friend,

Permit me to introduce myself. I am Arafat Alli the Iraqi special assistant to Paul Bremer the civil American ruler of Iraq after the ouster of President Saddam Hussein. Paul Bremer was Iraq's effective ruler for more than a year, he handed over the running of the country to Ayad Allawi's interim government.

"Before he was suddenly requested to hand over the running of the Iraqi government to Allawi, he had already sent out of Iraq fifty million USD each in cash respectively to Spain, Netherlands and Swizerland. These were part of the funds he had in some of the contracts he awarded during his short stay in office. The money was deposited as valuables in different private security companies for safe keeping."
Arafat Alli, for goodness' sakes? If you're just some minor league fraudster from Lagos (or nowadays, just as likely London or Kuala Lumpur) and you've been trawling the news services to make your scam email sound more topical, why not name your protagonist Osama bin Hussein al Zarqawi and just get on with it?


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