Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Wanted: Sydneysiders who like to rumble 

A public service announcement from Leigh of The House of Wheels:

"The STOP THE WAR COALITION are having a fit over the US’s efforts killing terrorists in Fallujah, and have organised a last-minute rally starting at 5pm tomorrow (Thursday, 11 November) at Town Hall, and marching to the US Consulate in Martin Place at 6pm. What can you do? You can join Protest Warrior in numbers.

As your temporary leader, we need:

1. Cameras – these are, behind police, our best defence from left-wing violence. If you have a digital camera or a video camera, can you please bring it?

2. Signs – good ideas for signs can be found at the Protest Warrior website – draw them onto large-sized cardboard with Artline pens/textas. If you can’t bring a sign, a flag or a camera would more than suffice.

3. People – if you have a blog, please reprint this message on your blog. E-mail it to people you know who would be interested in joining us. Put it in the comments section of right-wing blogs.

We’ve done this once before with good success, as can be seen here, so it’d be good to do it again.

We will be meeting at: STARBUCKS, George Street, near the Greater Union cinemas, just south of Town Hall, at 5pm on Thursday the 11th. From there, we will get to the US Consulate before the lefties, at around 5:50/5:55pm. If you cannot make it until then, meet us at the US Consulate (Martin Place) at 5:50pm. The address is MLC Centre, Level 59, 19-29 Martin Place, Sydney."


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