Sunday, December 05, 2004

Around the world in 53 blogs 

It was nice to catch up last night with Tim Blair who was visiting Brisbane, as well as a fine crew of Brisbane-based bloggers - (in random order) Bastard from Bastards Inc, Marty from the Rat Pack, Kev Gillett, Murph and Todd from Special Sauce, and Carl from Paul & Carl's Daily Diatribe. Check them all out.

In Australia, Tim Blair is concerned for our children: do they have enough danger in their lives?

Boils My Blood writes about Australia's Indigenous Insurgencies.

Jellis says: "Team America" - just what the doctor ordered.

The Currency Lad nominates "An Allied Soldier" for the Person of the Year.

The Swanker blogs about Australia and the ASEAN countries.

In the United States, Powerline continues to pursue the question of pre- and post-election oil prices.

Michelle Malkin is in a fighting mode, defending her maiden name and Christmas.

Blackfive is pleasantly surprised by the amount of cars with yellow magnets on them, and recommends many other ways of supporting the troops.

Captain's Quarters sees some positive signs in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

Dean Esmay looks at the growth of internet sales and a taxing problem.

Roger Simon
has a fearless Iraqi election prediction. I think he's right.

On Winds of Change, new edition of "Hate Watch."

INDC Journal is giving you all the reason why not to vote for the opposition in Weblog Awards.

Polipundit blogs on retooling the donkey.

John Hawkins at Right Wing News has some words of advice for new bloggers: it's a long long long long way to the top.

The Belgravia Dispatchh listens to the media echochamber.

Belmont Club: "The Franco-American alliance is quite robust and likely to last a long time. The French have always been there when they needed us." Plus lot more other exciting stuff.

La Shawn Barber
: "We all noticed, too, that liberalsÂ’ fascination with skin color extends only to other like-minded liberals, not to blacks or Asians or Hispanics in general."

GeoPolitical Review writes about the hubris of the author of "The Imperial Hubris."

Booker Raising makes a case for Colin Powell to head the NAACP.

Democracy Project has some thoughts on liberalism and social climbing in America.

Fausta at The Bad Hair Blog investigates the shadowy connections between Marc Rich and the Oil for Fraud scandal.

No Illusions writes about the 2004 Economic Freedom Index results and America's scorecard.

Right Pundit blogs about the new Dutch euthanasia - with the emphasis on "youth".

Posse Incitatus notes that the Pentagon finally gets a clue about disabled veterans.

Logic Times calculate the monetary value of media bias - a very interesting exercise.

Considerettes blogs about the UN reform proposals.

Beautiful Atrocities
write about Sen Boxer's romance writing ambitions.

The Diplomad: "Homeland Security's Ridge: Doing A Great Job That Should Not Exist."

The Fourth Rail blogs about euthanasia in Nazi Germany and euthanasia in Holland.

Joe Gandelman asks if it's time for bloggers' union.

Patrick Ruffini
buys into the debate about the number of Hispanic Republican voters.

Peaktalk has more analysis of Iraqi civilian casualties.

wishes that people would understand the realists before writing about them.

Solomonia writes about the Israeli human rights violin violations.

In Europe, Blithering Bunny sees eerie parallels between Great Britain today and Australia of the 1980s.

Barcepundit reviews the lame reactions of the world press to ex-PM Aznar's testimony before Spain's March 11 commission.

In Asia, Simon World is running this year's Asia blog award.

In the Middle East, Mohammed at Iraq the Model rides in a bus down the death road.

Greyhawk at Mudville Gazette discovers one disappointed Michael Moore fan serving with him in Iraq.

Crossroads Arabia (disclaimer: based in the US) blogs about bringing out the voters in the Saudi election.

Terrorism Unveiled blogs on honor killings - up close and personal.

Please welcome this week's new kids on the blog: The Bottom Line - a Polish-Canadian blogging from Calgary, Alberta; Pundita, a new blog started by Leslie, one of the faithful readers of this blog; and The Media Elite - "A blog for the people, by the people, exposing the secretive, shadowy group that is the vast, elitist left-wing liberal media ... Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, Walter Cronkite, Wolf Blitzer, Matt Lauer, Ted Turner, Leslie Stahl, Tom Brokaw, Tim Russert, Adam Nagourney, Andrea Mitchell, Chris Matthews, Anderson Cooper, the New York Times, Washington Post, and almost everyone else -- WE ARE WATCHING YOU."

And don't forget Homespun Bloggers - join in, or read the members symposium on what represents the biggest threat to the US.


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