Sunday, December 12, 2004

Around the world in 53 blogs 

Time to check what some of my blogosphere friends have been up to this week.

In Australia, Tim Blair writes that the left was wrong again - Australia's tough stance on illegal migrants enhanced, not damaged, our international reputation.

Boils My Blood blogs about the prospect of Australian Indigenous Enlightenment.

Jellis has some thought about the Australian of the Year.

Niner Charlie blogs about Mugabe's fat farms.

The House of Wheels
notes the changing stories of Australia's alleged terrorist about his alleged abuse.

The Swanker looks at South America coming closer together.

In the United States, Powerline notes another Nobel Prize embarrassment.

Greg Djereijan keeps a close watch on the latest developments in the Mid East peace process and Mosul, the bellwether of Iraq.

Belmont Club
blogs about self-defense in Britain. I think self-defense needs self-defense.

Blackfive writes about the controversial issue of more armor for our troops. And Michelle Malkin writes what you can do to help fix the armor gap.

Dean Esmay destroys some Democrat blue states/red states myths.

Should liberals become tougher on Islamofascists, just like some of their forbearers became tough on communism? Roger Simon, a former leftist, weighs into the debate. Joe Katzman ant Winds of Change also contributes.

Captain Ed writes about the Ukrainian opposition leader and "a little dioxin in his borscht."

Blogs for Bush writes about the Dem infatuation with euphemisms.

Bill Roggio: Iraq - the keystone state in the war on terror.

Joe Gandelman blogs about right and wrongs of ventriloquist reporters using soldiers to ask questions. Lone Star Times is also on the case - the reporter's. Media Lies is defending Rumsfeld from the media - and other bloggers. And Democracy Project thinks that the media is now outdoing themselves.

After a hiatus, A M Siriano returns to blogging - make sure to check out a heady mix of politics and culture.

Booker Rising presents some statistics on Black Americans and religion.

The Colossus
debates Allah on blogging.

Fausta at the Bad Hair Blog asks you to help save the Bout Scouts from the ACLU.

MaxedOutMama blogs about the social security reform.

American Future
writes about the possibility of the United (Democratic) Nations.

Ninme blogs about the attacks on drug companies: "These people want to live forever, but they don’t want to pay for it."

Chad Evans from InTheBullpen writes a letter to the troops.

Brain Shavings asks whether the wounded should still serve.

Peaktalk wonders if the Dutch have slipped back into their old comfort zone.

For something totally different, Abstract Musings is photoblogging the Florida wildlife.

HoodaThunk? on the Dems starting to get the war on terror (or at least the politics of it).

Fringe writes that God isn't dead, but John Lennon certainly is.

Pillage Idiot names George W Bush an honorary Rockefeller Republican.

Tom Heard wishes you a very PC Christmas (shouldn't that be just "Mas"?)

In Europe, at Trans-Atlantic Intelligencer, John Rosenthal watches the left accuse the US of meddling in Ukraine but overlook the much more substantial European involvement.

Stockholm Spectator Blog observes the Swedish left imploding.

In Asia, Simon World presents the latest Asia by blog tour.

A Guy in Pajamas chats to a Japanese gramps and granny in a park about the war (no, not that one) and President Bush.

In the Middle East, I've linked to it over the week already, but why not read again the story of Western political awakening a la Iraq the Model?

Crossroads Arabia watches leftie journalist fall under Dick Cheney's spell.

Please welcome this week's new kid on the blog, Red Speck On A Blue Sun ("The collection of thoughts from a conservative young male living in New Zealand").

And don't forget Homespun Bloggers. You might recall my post earlier this week about the international political realignment currently taking place - read what my fellow bloggers had to say about it: MuD & PHuD, Dagney's Rant, Mad Poets Anonymous, A Physicist's Perspective, Bunker Mulligan, The Commons, The Radical Centrist, The Redhunter, and Little Red Blog.


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