Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Friends of Iraq Blogger Challenge - Update 2 

Update 2: Over the next two weeks I intend to bother you every few days or so to remind you about this great action currently taking place. For all the details see below, and make sure that you have a good look around the Spirit of America website to find out about all sorts of fantastic work they're doing on the ground and why they need your support.

Also, as of mid-December, Spirit of America will be launching a facility whereby you can donate in lieu of a Christmas gift for somebody - it's a good cause, so give it some thought.

I'm also happy to announce that Chrenkoff is now in the
7th position in the overall ranking for the challenge, and the 4th in the individual blogs stakes. You, my dear readers, have so far donated $650 to the cause, so big thank you on behalf of myself, Spirit of America, our troops and the people of Iraq. Keep it coming.

The Challenge: Spirit of America is one organisation doing hell of a lot of good work helping Iraqis (as well as Afghans) rebuild their country.

I have decided to join their blogger challenge. A number of international blogs are joining in and asking readers to donate to the good cause. Your money will go to any number of good programs being run on the ground in Iraq with the help of our troops to assist Iraqis with turning their country into a normal, free and democratic nation. The challenge is to see which blog can generate most donations for Spirit of America.

If you want to donate through Chrenkoff, please click on this link.


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