Friday, December 10, 2004

I feel like that too 

Australian Prime Minister John Howard doesn't know who to support at the next year's British general election - his Tory namesake Michael Howard, or Labor's Tony Blair:

"I'm conflicted when it comes to the British election... I really wish Tony Blair well because he's been extremely courageous. Leaving personalities and particular policies aside - naturally my longer term affinities are with the other side in Great Britain.

"I think of the three of us [John Howard, George Bush and Tony Blair] he [Blair] had the most difficult internal task in relation to Iraq because his party was deeply divided and a large section of his party was openly hostile to his decision."
It's a tough choice; just like the PM, I'm a natural conservative supporter and it's difficult for me to envisage backing a Labor politician over a Tory. Tony Blair's social and cultural policies leave me cold, but the guy has had the good sense to maintain Margaret Thatcher's economic settlement, and his position on the war on terror and Iraq... well, what can I say - principled and personally courageous, coming from a Labor politician.

Speaking of
John Howard:

"A US soldier serving in Iraq wants Tim Tams [very tasty Australian chocolate biscuits] for Christmas and Prime Minister John Howard is keen to oblige.

"A caller to Melbourne radio 3AW told Mr Howard today she needed his help to get the treats to her sister's husband – an American soldier serving in Iraq. 'We are just wanting some information as far as sending food parcels for Christmas ... he loves his Tim Tams,' Leanne from Sydenham in Melbourne's north-west told radio 3AW. She said the family had been sending parcels to an address in Iraq but they were taking more than six weeks to get there.

"Mr Howard offered to help Leanne get the Australian snack to the soldier. 'I guess we'd want the bloke's name and his unit ... that would be handy, and we'll see what we can do, we'll try to help,' he said."
More help from the alliance partner is on the way.


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