Tuesday, December 14, 2004

It all ends with a Wizbang 

The Wizbang 2004 Blog Awards have closed for voting and the results are in.

Chrenkoff wasn't able to overcome the
Tim Blair steamroller in the Best Australian or New Zealand Blog category, although did manage to bring him down to under 50%, which means that Tim can't claim the majority mandate! Thank you to two thousand-plus people who voted for me - much appreciated, not to mention humbling.

As for
other results: my friends at Powerline scooped the Best Overall Blog category, the Diplomad and the Fourth Rail fought bravely against NRO's Kerry Spot for Best Newcomer (Kerry Spot, like Kerry himself, might not be with us in the future, but both the Diplomad and the Fourth Rail certainly will be). The Chrenkoff promoter James Taranto and his Best of the Web was a clear winner in the Best Media/Journalist Blog stakes. One of my oldest supporters, Blackfive, scored the Best Milblog award. Iraq the Model, that well-known CIA front, has meanwhile won the Best Middle Eastern or African Blog award. And there's plenty more - you'll find a lot more of "the friends of Chrenk" prominent in these and other categories.

Not sure whether it says something about the geography of the blogosphere, but of all the geo-based contests, Australia/NZ attracted the second largest number of overall votes (after the topical and newsworthy Middle East), ahead of more populous localities such as Canada, UK, Europe, South America and Asia.


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