Friday, December 17, 2004

More culture wars 

I wasn't really surprised to read that a new study by the Parents Television Council has found that network television's depictions of religion are "overwhelmingly" negative - Michael Medved's "Hollywood versus America" had a huge impact on me when I first read it over ten years ago - I was surprised though to learn that "NBC leads the pack as the most anti-religious network, followed in order by Fox, the WB, ABC, UPN and CBS" (emphasis added). Who would have guessed it that the supposed hardcore red-as-red-can-get right-wing propaganda machine bashes Christianity with the best of them?

Yet another example of the Grand Canyon-size divide between the blue state, Hollywood-New York entertainment industry axis, and the red state viewership. No wonder the numbers are declining. Interestingly, as the Council's president Brent Bozell noted, "anti-Catholic bigotry" is "rampant" on network shows; "Catholicism is in the bull's-eye of the entertainment media... In the past, the fundamentalists were. It's a sign of the times." Could it be another reason why Catholic voters have
decisively swung behind President Bush, giving him 52% of the vote, while John Kerry, the first Catholic candidate since JFK, did worse among his co-religionists than Al Gore did in 2000?


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