Friday, December 10, 2004

Spirit of America - Update 3 

DefenceLINK News updates on the progress of the Spirit of America's Blogger Challenge:

"The blogger challenge kicked off Dec. 1 and runs through Dec. 15. Already, 162 bloggers have raised more than $52,000 — all of it to go to specific projects these Web operators select, according to Jim Hake, Spirit of America founder.

"The nonprofit group supports grassroots efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan and is committed to the concept that winning hearts and minds requires personal — not just governmental — intervention.

"Hake said many of the group's projects support requests made by U.S. servicemembers serving in Iraq for goods that help the Iraqi people. Others directly support Iraqis who are on the front lines of building a better future for Iraq."
Only a few more days of go - so please consider donating.

My blog is now in the
9th position in the overall ranking for the challenge, and the 5th in the individual blogs stakes. You, my dear readers, have so far donated $1065 to the cause, so big thank you on behalf of myself, Spirit of America, our troops and the people of Iraq. Please keep it coming.

And there is now a new giving option for you, as Jim Hake reports - perfect for Christmas time:

"We now support giving 'the Spirit of America' as a gift to your friends and family. Instead of a new necktie for dad please consider making a donation to your favorite Spirit of America project as a gift. When you do, you'll get a certificate to print and give or we'll send an email telling your them about your gift. This is a gift that makes a difference. It also fits all sizes. Guaranteed. You can give a Spirit of America gift here."
Now you don't have any excuses.


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