Monday, December 20, 2004

Time makes a good choice 

Congratulations to my friends at Powerline, the early and strong supporters of this blog, for being named "Time" magazine's Blog of the Year. It fits in nicely with President Bush getting the coveted Person of the Year (although I'm sure that he was just as happy with getting the presidency).

And it also almost makes it up for the awful choice of Gorbachev as the Person of the Decade in 1989. No, I don't begrudge Gorbie his place in history, but if 1993's Peacemakers (Mandela, de Klerk, Rabin and Arafat) all had to squeeze in on one cover, Gorbie should have been there stuck uncomfortably between Ronald Reagan, Lech Walesa and the Pope.

Kudos to Powerline this year for leading the charge against Dan Rather, which of course brought them to national (and international) prominence. Powerline is the Blog of the Year not just because they are three Davids who took on a media Goliath - and won - but because they encapsulate the best that blogs can offer: interesting links, interesting own commentary, as well as independent investigative work. Well done.


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