Monday, December 20, 2004

Viva Berlusconi 

A brilliant summary from a profile piece in a Polish magazine (only in hard copy):
"Europe considers him a bribe-taker, a clown, a simpleton, and a sleazebag with manners of a hairdresser. Why is then Silvio Berlusconi the longest serving Prime Minister in Italy's history?

"Never had justice system given one person so much attention. Over 1,500 court proceedings, 83 indictments, 15 major trials, 530 searches, 10 million pages of transcripts, one million page of documents. So far everything in vain.... Why have the Italians twice elected such a demon as their Prime Minister and why are they ready to do it again?"
Why indeed? Maybe another 10 million pages of court transcripts and the left will learn the answer. Than again, maybe not. After all, they have the uncanny ability to underestimate their political opponents, lulling themselves into false comfort by repeating their mantras (stupid... unsophisticated... cowboy... simpleton... clown... stupid...). They did it with Reagan, they did it with George W, and they're doing it with Silvio. And I hope they keep on doing it.

Here's to Berlusconi and the Italian end of the Coalition of the Willing.


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