Saturday, December 04, 2004

What's in the name? 

Don't you just love the blogosphere? BBC has only just been duped by parties unknown impersonating a Dow Chemicals spokesperson, and Tim Blair and his readers are already discussing the possible meaning behind the hoaxer's name - Jude Finisterra:
"[It] is a weird name. It can be translated as 'Jew Land Finished', if youÂ’re creative with your translations."
I would personally go for "a Jew from the ends of the world". Perhaps the Wandering Jew has now taken to duping mainstream media as a hobby?

Are there any connections between Jews and Dow Chemicals? Rather remote - and schizophrenic - ones: on one hand, Dow is accused of providing a sanctuary after the Second World War to fugitive Nazi scientists. On the other hand, it invests in Israel, which makes it a target of economic boycott by both the Palestinian sympathizers and neo-Nazis.

Or maybe, just maybe, the name doesn't actually suppose to mean anything?


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