Friday, January 21, 2005

Friday reading 

Labour Friends of Iraq demolish the maverick ex-Labour pol George Galloway and his support for Iraqi "resistance."

Blithering Bunny notes that Sydney Uni is
hosting an unrepentant terrorist.

Idle Fellows watch an interesting documentary about
September 11 conspiracy theories.

John Hawkins announces the results of the bloggers' poll of the most - and the least - preferred
Republican presidential nominees for 2008.

Chuck Simmins continues to update his
"Stingy List" of private American donations to the tsunami relief - now at $686,982,534.

Zell Miller talks about Iraq, Vietnam and the 2004 election (hat tip: Melissa).

Eric Cowperthwaite is back and blogging about his experiences as a
Cold War soldier.

Crossroads Arabia notes that an American judge
cleared Saudi Arabia and various Saudi nationals in a S11 civil law suit.


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