Friday, January 28, 2005

Friday reading 

For your reading pleasure - or at least a quick perusal - a few links that might be worth checking.

If you're an Iraqi election junkie and can't get enough, for continuous coverage I suggest
Friends of Democracy, a project of the Spirit of America, which gives voice to Iraqi correspondents on the ground in just about every province of the country. Raw reporting from places where mainstream media doesn't always tread. Another good site is run by the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies and it monitors Iraqi blogs and the media (often Arab-language one), as well as providing their own useful commentary.

Dean Esmay brings you a long essay on
democratic reform. "Some will call it racist and sexist. I call it a damned fine piece of writing."

John Hawkins of Right Wing News puts together the list of
the 125 most popular political sites on the net.

A M Siriano has attended the Inauguration and is writing about it - both in
good humor and seriously.

The House of Wheels asks if
political pressure is behind the flip-flop in the most recent UN Development Programme's Arab Human Development Report.

Logic Times writes that "Seymour Hirsch and Barton Gellman, authors of two recent damaging exposés of US intelligence operations demonstrate their
total ignorance of the common law roots of the First Amendment."

Deep Blog is born - an easy guide and portal to great blogs.

Charles Simmins thinks that private American donations to tsunami aid
will soon reach $1 billion.

Crossroads Arabia notes that Islam has found
a new medium for proselytizing - comic books.

Considerettes observes Hillary Clinton try to find
the common ground on abortion.

In the "Opinion Journal", Michael Medved
compares and contrasts "Fahrenheit 911" and "The Passion of Christ".


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