Monday, January 24, 2005

Holding them to their word 

Remember this? A week before the 2004 presidential election, Greg Mitchell of "Editor & Publisher" analyzed editorial endorsements for both candidates, including the state-by-state breakdown:

"FLORIDA: Bush is in big trouble here, at least if newspapers have any sway. Every single large paper has gone for Kerry, with the Orlando and Bradenton papers abandoning Bush and The Tampa Tribune (formerly for Dubya) sitting it out. This is how bad it is for the president: As far we know, his two biggest Sunshine State catches so far are the Ocala Star-Banner and The Ledger in Lakeland. So let's give this state to Kerry. In fact, if Bush pulls this one out, E&P promises never to give any weight to editorial endorsements in the future." [emphasis in the original]
Promise duly noted.


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