Sunday, January 23, 2005

Iraq news - the underreported and the unreported 

Warblogger Chester is preparing what he hopes to be a regular segment on Iraq to complement yours truly's series. While "Good news from Iraq" gathers all the stories that are published but get lost under the tide of negativity, Chester wants to publicize the stories that don't even get published in the first place:
"Here's how it works:

"If you are in the US military and in Iraq, and have:

"1. Witnessed an event that is notable, but not reported;
2. Been interviewed by a reporter, yet feel he didn't quite get it right;
3. Been present at a reported event, and have quite a different take on it than was reported;
4. Had someone in your unit awarded a Silver Star or higher for valor;

"... then this is the series for you. Email what really happened to Chester, and include a link to any news stories you reference, or at least a headline and date, or a citation excerpt if a decoration was awarded. Be specific: who was there, what went wrong, what went right, etc. Don't just send emails with general comments like, 'Everything is going great here! The media is horrible.' We want details."
Milbloggers and other sympathetic bloggers have been publishing the unpublished on an ad hoc basis right from the start, but it's good to see Chester trying to turn it into a regular feature. Visit his blog and drop him a line if you can help.


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