Sunday, January 16, 2005

Just in time for the Inauguration 

Old candidates never die, and neither do they fade away - there's still a gust or two in 'em (the headlines from the last few days):

"Kerry creates havoc at beaches"

"Kerry loses intensity but still poses risks"

"Kerry spins in on the weekend"

Ok - not John Kerry, but the tropical cyclone Kerry off the coast of Queensland - or, very appropriately to go with the current status of the Dem not-to-be, "an ex-tropical cyclone", now reduced to just very strong gales which are eroding our local beaches. In both cases we have been mercifully spared the full fury.

I've been told that the cyclone Kerry approached the coast of Australia, then changed its course and went back into the ocean, only to start coming back again towards the shore a few days later.

Just joking.


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