Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Postcards from the culture war 

When two wings of the Republican Coalition of the Willing collide in the culture war:

"Right-wing Christian groups are furious rap-rocker Kid Rock is set to perform at a youth concert to celebrate President George W Bush's inauguration.

"The die-hard Republican 'American Bad A*s' hitmaker is set to join clean-cut teen stars Hilary Duff and JoJo at the America Rocks Today: A Call To Service concert in Washington DC, organised by Bush's twin daughters Barbara and Jenna.

"Christian groups are furious Bush would allow Kid Rock to be associated with him, due to his profanity-laden lyrics, and his infamous line in 2001 song 'You never met a motherf**ker quite like me', sang, 'I met the President when I was half-stoned'."
Reminds of the famous Oval Office meeting (and a photograph) of Richard Nixon and Elvis, who also under the influence.

"Right-wing Christian groups" are, well, Christian and conservative; Kid Rock is vulgar, trashy and libertine, but nevertheless
a staunch patriot and a strong supporter of the war on terror and war in Iraq ("Who would you trust to make your decisions, Donald Rumsfeld or the Dixie Chicks?"). Yet another reminder of the creative tension between groups and ideologies that make up the "Right" in the United States, or anywhere else in the world for that matter.

Meanwhile, on another front of culture wars, singer
Seal disses rappers for their sexist attitudes: "It's sad when you see the rappers on TV and in the videos making these derogatory videos towards women ... kind of like sexual objects." The money quote:
"It's so sad because we're damaging our own. Like, in different cultures, you would never see that. Take for example the Jewish culture. They've been persecuted just like the black people, right? But you never see them eating their own. They don't. But we will. I really feel that there is a responsibility and what goes around comes around."


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