Saturday, January 22, 2005

Saturday reading 

The Dems react to Abraham Lincoln's second inauguration speech. Powerline has a wonderful alternative history.

Iraq the Model responds to the Boxer smear.

Ali at Free Iraqi brings to your attention another positive opinion poll from Iraq.

The old Middle Eastern hand, John Burgess at Crossroads Arabia thinks this is the best opinion piece about the Iraqi election.

Speaking of Iraqi election - Decision '08 thinks it's time to ask the opponents of war to choose sides.

Athena at Terrorism Unveiled gives us excerpts from her larger work on the effects of Arab media on public opinion.

Bill Roggio notes that the "New York Times" once again can't bring itself to use the "t" word.

Transatlantic Intelligencer blogs about Hillary Clinton and the Trouble with 'Minority Rights'.

Clive Davis brings to your attention a nice BBC piece about Iraqi bloggers.

Pundit Guy slams Peggy Noonan.


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