Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Tuesday reading 

The one and only Tim Blair watched the mainstream media discover the latest American atrocity in Iraq.

Boy, Greyhawk - currently serving in Iraq - is really not impressed with the media reporting.

Blackfive notes an overlooked detail of a photo of John Kerry on his recent visit to Iraq.

INDC Journal defends Lawrence Summers.

Proverbs Daily blogs about Beslan and gun control.

Chester gazes into the Iraqi crystal ball trying to decipher Shias' next moves.

In three days' time, we will remember the 60th anniversary of liberation of Auschwitz death camp (if liberation is the right word). Tom Carter remembers. So does Fausta.

Zed discovers the surreal world of terrorist discussion boards.

Amit Varma, meanwhile, discovers some strange goings-on in the Indian blogosphere.

And Carpe Bonum writes that journalists are killing journalists by failing to enforce the code of ethics.


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