Friday, February 25, 2005

Boyz in da Humvee 

It seems that terrorists aren't the only ones using Iraq as a training ground:

"Some of America's most notorious street gangs are turning up in the military. But they aren't just serving their country. Instead, many are taking the opportunity to learn a very deadly trade... There is a growing concern with gang members enlisting in the military with the hope of learning the art of war...

"Gang members brag they now have a pipeline from the U.S. to Baghdad and are picking up new skills, such as war time medical training... It's training that most local law enforcement cannot match. At Fort Bragg, military officers are now working with local law enforcement in an attempt to get violent gang members out of the military."
Then there is this: "If rock 'n' roll -- the sounds of Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane and Creedence Clearwater Revival -- was the music of American service members in Vietnam, rap may become the defining pulse for the war in Iraq."

Coincidence or conspiracy?

The answer is
clear. Forget the neocon/Zionist conspiracy to push America into war - this has been a gangasta plot. No blood for bling-blings!


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