Friday, February 18, 2005

Friday reading 

Omar at Iraq the Model blogs about the magic of pajamas. Because in cyberspace no one can see you wear.

Steve Green at Vodka Pundit writes
an ode to the internet. I agree.

Blackfive writes about the new cause celebre,
Lt Pantano.

Dean Esmay's 5 week old son is in hospital with pneumonia. Keep him in your thoughts.

Meanwhile, Greyhawk from Mudville Gazette is
back from Iraq.

And Roger Simon (who's back from hospital) doesn't know what to make of
Ahmed Chalabi.

Chester tackles the topic of the
American drones over Iran.

With Howarghhhh Dean safely in the electric chairmanship of the Democratic Party, John Hawkins brings you the collection of everyone's
favorite Dean quotes.

Sophie Masson blogs about teaching English: "English at school... should be about exposing kids to as wide a variety of literature as possible, to enrich and furnish the mind with a great many layers of things from which in the future they can draw if they actually do end up wanting to 'deconstruct'. Or not, as the case may be. Not everyone wants to deconstruct, despite what many theorists appear to think."

Make sure to drop by
Regime Change Iran blog, for briefings like this one.

Crossroads Arabia blogs about the
Riyadh Declaration against terror.

Eric at No Pasaran! ("Behind the Fa├žades in France") blogs about
why he blogs: "I wouldn't describe myself as angry, but let me say that the answer has to do with injustice, double standards, and the injustice of double standards." Plenty of that, I would say, when you live in the Old Europe.

On a related topic, Proverbs Daily writes that blogs have ushered in
the Age of Accountability.

And speaking of accountability, Bill Roggio informs me that the quest to obtain the release of the Eason tape continues at a special blog put together by him and his fellow media-warbloggers -
War, Truth and Videotape.

Enough! thinks that
Europe is lost.


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