Friday, February 04, 2005

If only Bush signed the Kyoto Agreement... 

For the environmentalists, it will be the evidence of man-made climate change causing havoc; for the keen readers of the Book of Revelations it will be yet another sign that the end is nigh (thus making the debate on Social Security reform rather academic). For others, on the other hand, it's merely an opportunity to build a snowman in the middle of summer.

For the past two days, south-eastern Australia has been lashed by
"the most powerful storm since records began." Up here, in Brisbane we only got a medium sized thunderstorm with a dirty rain which deposited some of the remnants of a dust storm from further inland (memo for the weekend: wash car), but anything south of the border had to suffer driving winds, rain and stormy weather - "For two long days in Australia's southeast it has been summer in name only. Snow, hail, lightning, dust storms, raging winds, plummeting temperatures, rain and more rain – the full furies of winter have been unleashed on much of Victoria, South Australia and the eastern seaboard in the past 48 hours."

This just goes to show that Queensland is the best part of Australia!

TigerHawk, by the way, has some photos from one of his Australian friends of
the heart of Melbourne underwater.


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