Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Kid sprays again 

Hate his music, love his politics - or the lack thereof. Say hello to Kid Rock in his repeat appearance at Chrenkoff. Rap-rock's bad boy has given an interview to "Playboy" (of course, who else?), and in it another spray at the anti-Bush, anti-war crowd:

"I'm not educated enough to speak about it (the war), and I don't think any of these other motherf**kers are, either.

"I'm pretty sure Janeane Garofalo's and that chick from the Dixie Chicks' educations don't stretch that far.

"Look up Condi Rice or George Bush's education, where they went to school. They've been doing this shit their whole f**king lives, while we've been out dicking around with guitars, entertaining people.

"F**kers in Hollywood who want to use the camera to be like, 'Guess who I'm f**king now?' and 'Oh, stop the war!' - all that shit just makes me sick."
An entertainer who doesn't think he's an expert on politics, economy or the environment - now that's refreshing.


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