Friday, February 11, 2005

The left gets aroused 

Should I, or should I not bother to say something about the "Gannon affair" (has anyone called it Gannongate yet?). Ah, what the hell. For some background see here. For some blog reactions, try Powerline and Brainster's Blog.

Let's put aside the question whether the guy was a "real" journalist (he's not from the mainstream media and is partisan; journalists from the mainstream media are however never biased or partisan because they're "real" journalists), who on earth cares if he's gay or connected to gay websites? Kos does, of course.

Memo to Kos: you're onto something, son. Keep digging. I have some suspicion that Andrew Sullivan might be gay, too. And those Log Cabin Republicans - log cabin sounds so folksy and frontier-ish in the good ol' American style, but these chaps seem to be pretty friendly with each other. I think the whole thing might be just a cover for homosexuality.


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