Sunday, February 06, 2005

The limits of Diplomad-cy 

The sad blog news of the week is that everyone's favorite Republican insider at the State Department, the Diplomad, is folding his blog:
"For a variety of personal and professional reasons it's time to stop (we might blog again under a different name; might not.) Lest any of you think so, we have not been threatened or shut down; the State Department goons are not knocking at the door. It's just time to do something else."
It makes me feel old when a blog I was one of the very first to link to in my earlier days, a blog which went on to attain a well-deserved prominence (particularly with its first hand reporting from the tsunami-affected areas), is now closing down.

Fortunately the contagion of freedom is spreading, not just throughout the Middle East, but also throughout the State Department, and the Diplomad has managed to inspire two new blogs from within the Republican Underground in the US foreign service - Daily Demarche and New Sisyphus (which I imagine aptly describes the task of trying to change the political culture at the Foggy Bottom) - they will continue the fight now that the Diplomad is moving to bigger and better things.

We'll miss you. Hope you'll come back (the Diplomad for the next Secretary of State?).


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