Thursday, February 17, 2005

Nutcase of the day 

It had to happen.

The prize (a tinfoil hat) for the first person to suggest that the former Lebanese prime minister Hariri was not assassinated by either Syria, Islamist terrorists or the organised crime, but by Israel, goes to the resident Australian conspiranoid
Joe Vialls:

"In a desperate attempt to slow down their forthcoming defeat in Palestine, Jewish Special Forces micro-nuke former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, then instruct western media outlets to falsely blame the atrocity on Syria...

"Early forensic examination indicates this critical nuclear weapon was from the same class and batch used on Bali during October 2002, in a murderous and blatant attempt to force Australians to believe in the entirely fictional 'al Qaeda' and 'Jemaah Islamiyah' alleged terrorist groups."
Vialls adds hopefully on the bottom of the page:

"The author is an independent investigator working alone, and receiving only an inadequate disability pension. If you feel that this report has helped you in any way, or if you would simply like to contribute towards future web space and research costs, please do so by clicking on the button below and making a donation. Thank you."
I'm too scared that clicking the button below will only detonate yet another Zionist mini-nuke.


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