Saturday, February 05, 2005

Saturday reading 

Chester defends Lt Gen Jim "It's fun to shoot some people" Mattis.

At Iraq the Model: democracy in the Middle East - should it be Syria the Model, instead?

Intellectual property problems in Iraq: Ali at Free Iraqi finds that a major Iraqi daily has lifted a photographs from his blog without attribution.

Greyhawk notes that at least some in the mainstream media are coming close to connecting the dots in Iraq; pity they don't read MilBlogs, "which should even be available in finer Baghdad hotels."

Dean Esmay: Please stop standing in the way of choice.

Bill Roggio calls fellow bloggers to arms about the Eason Jordan affair.

Regime Change Iran is reading tea leaves on Bush's Iran strategy.

Transatlantic Intelligencer reports on the French "fake but accurate" reporting from the Middle East.

The Swanker reviews 1425, the year that was.

Crossroads Arabia brings to your attention an encouraging opinion piece in the Middle East's largest English-language circulation newspaper.

The faces of G writes that Howard Dean is the greatest thing to happen to the Democratic Party.

Bubblehead, a retired sub officer, writes that he won't forget Poland (hat tip: Ninme).


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