Saturday, February 12, 2005

Saturday reading 

Powerline notes another WaPo opinion piece with some fabricated history.

Blackfive presents to you a warning sign from the 1st Marine Division.

Dean Esmay: "I've never seen anyone do anything quite like this: take a carefully guided internet discussion, edit out the chaff, and present it in book form. Regardless of whether it's been done before, this may be the best thing ever to appear on Dean's World."

Free Iraqi blogs about twisted logic and misunderstandings in Iraq.

Call Spade a Spade salutes a brave Iraqi politician whose ideas cost him the lives of his two sons. Iraq the Model has more.

Vodkapundit is producing a new map of the world.

In the aftermath of the Ward Churchill fiasco, John Rosenthal reminds us that the architect of the new WTC complex Daniel Libeskind is hardly very sympathetic to the victims either.

Tom Heard writes that Big Brother (or rather Big Employer) is watching you smoke: "The Michigan company has instituted a policy making smoking, even off company property and even in an employee's own home, a firing offense. Company CEO Howard Weyers says he's sick and tired of rising health care costs cutting into his company's bottom line, and he refuses from now on to pay the medical bills for smokers. Hey, Marlboro Man, if you don't like it, get another job."

Eric Cowperthwaite blogs on the hanging effigy of an American soldier.

Crossroads Arabia has some thoughts on the Saudi cabinet reshuffle.

HipperCritical blogs about Darfur and notes that even for Nicholas Kristoff it is now easier to criticize Bush than the UN.

Considerettes blogs about the latest Democrat 180 degree turn: the Social Security.


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