Saturday, February 26, 2005

Saturday reading 

Go forth and multiply your reading options today:

Instapundit presents the clash of librarians.

At Little Green Footballs, a Quaker outrage.

Bill Roggio blogs about Canada's decision to say no to the missile defense shield.

INDC Journal conducts an experiment on negativity - using yours truly as a subject.

Steve Vincent, guest-blogging at the Adventures of Chester, asks if Bush's would be assassin was radicalized in a US mosque (and what did his father know about it).

Many reflections on Europe at Mudville Gazette.

Lorie at Polipundit has a slightly different take on the six-graders writing hate mail to our soldiers.

Pundit Guy presents the 127th Carnival of the Vanities.

The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies reminds us that fellow Muslims are disproportionately the victims of Islamist terrorism.

At Democracy Project, an exposition of Bush's Evangelical Conservatism: Or, How the Republicans Became Red.

Your daily briefing is up on Regime Change Iran blog. There's also some indications that the mullahs might be losing control.

And on that topic, Vietpundit remarks on the high price of freedom.

Decision '08 writes about how a 1976 book by Richard Dawkins explains much behind blogstorms and forcing out of Eason Jordan.

Chuck Simmins thinks that China is a bigger threat than we realize - in three parts.


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