Thursday, February 03, 2005

Thursday reading 

A nice photoshop at Tim Blair's - it will never actually happen because it's easier to insult Americans than Iraqis.

first blog birthday to Bill and INDC Journal. Mine's coming up in less than two months' time.

At Winds of Change, two great news round-ups, from
Israel and Russia.

Bill Roggio blogs more about the terrorists' use of a
Down Syndrome child.

In September 2000 Israeli soldiers allegedly killed the Palestinian boy
Mohammed Al-Dura. John Rosenthal notes that the story continues to take a beating.

Jim Hake at
Spirit of America explains how the Americans helped with the Iraqi election. Friends of Democracy, meanwhile, photoblogs the anatomy of a purple finger.

Homespun Bloggers experiment with
radio blogging continues. Check out the next frontier of citizen journalism.


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