Friday, February 04, 2005

UNscam rolls on, hopefully so do heads 

I'm not blogging about the interim Oil for Food report ("The secretary general is shocked by what the report has to say about Mr Sevan," says Annan's chief of staff), but fortunately everyone else is. The prolific Australian blogger the House of Wheels does a little research on Paul Volcker and wonders what more the investigation might have uncovered if it wasn't led by somebody with serious conflicts of interest. And David Adesnik notes a sad irony: "Safia al-Souhail was a special guest of the First Family last night at the State of the Union Address. According to al-Souhail, the man who murdered her father on Saddam's behalf just happens to be one of the businessman who made millions off of the Oil-for-Food scam. Al-Souhail even says that the assassin received the oil vouchers as a reward for his work."

One day, the full story of the Oil for Fraud scheme will be written (probably by the tireless Claudia Rossett) and it will read like John Grisham after a half a dozen shots of straight crude: "[The Volcker report] also detailed $160 000 in cash payments to Sevan which he claimed had come from
an elderly aunt in Cyprus. The Financial Times on Tuesday reported she fell down an elevator shaft and died before being questioned." Mind boggles.


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