Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Wednesday reading 

Tim Blair looks at the life and times of Hunter S Thompson.

Iraq the Model
compares tyrannies.

Powerline remembers the
birthday of George Washington.

Vodka Pundit offers late night musings inspired by rereading Robert D. Kaplan's
"The Coming Anarchy."

Mudville Gazette looks at the
brutal Afghan winter.

Captain Ed hits the
5 million visit mark and looks at Kosovo, Europe's UN protectorate - how's that for no exit strategy and no plan?

Roger Simon gets
bad Amazon reviews from people who haven't read his books.

At Dean's World, this week's
Carnival of the Liberated - what the Iraqi bloggers are talking about?

Pundit Guy presents
bringin' down da (White) House.

Regime Change Iran presents
the week in review.

negotiating with insurgents. Good or bad? asks Chester.

Barcepundit blogs about the aftermath of the
Spanish EU referendum.

Radioblogging - the fifth segment of Homespun Bloggers' radio broadcast is available - today's topic: social security reform.


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